Deluxehub Breast Pump Double-Electric

This automatic breast pump has a unique design that allows you to maintain a more comfortable milking posture. Soft massage pad design provides soft and warm feeling, and can imitate the baby sucking action, make the milk quietly, comfortably, gently, and quickly flow out. The breast pump is compact, easy to assemble, and the components can be cleaned with a dishwasher.

1.Connect the power supply and touch the power button to start the pump

2.Touch the mode button to choose massage or pump mode

3.According to your need, touch + o r– button in the appropriate mode to adjust the frequency and suction of pumping

4.The default working time is 30 minutes, beyond which the breast pump will automatically shuts down or touch the power button to turn off the power

5.Breast milk should not be filled over the valve

Model D-112